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With more than 20 years of experience, Dr.Bochi is among the most experienced podiatrists in town.

  •  Laser treatment
  •  Flat feet treatment
  •  Surgery
  •  Choose your shoes
  •  Treatment of fungal nails
  •  Emergency service
  •  Heel pain
  •  Second opinion
  •  Orthotic treatments
  •  Sports medicine
  •  Biomechanical exmination
  •  Feet and obesity
  •  Child podiatry
  •  Travel tips
  •  Diagnostic
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We take great pride in the expertise we’ve developped and are more than happy to provide a personalized solution to any foot problem you may face.

  •  Toenail fungus
  •  Ankle problems
  •  Heel pain
  •  Hammer toes
  •  Bunions & big toe pain
  •  Overweight & feet
  •  Flat feet
  •  Tendonitis
  •  Podopediatrics
  •  Toenail pathology
  •  Arch pain
  •  Skin pathology
  •  Back, hips & knee
  •  Foot & ankle injuries
  •  Foot arthritis
  •  Other pathologies
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2 8415, St Denis-Local 210
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